Do you suffer from mental health problems, memory issues, long-term fatigue or more complex health issues?

Many of our clients have previously been told there is nothing wrong with them, but our experience tells us that YOU know yourself best. There is never nothing wrong, nor is it often just one thing wrong, because human beings are complicated. We are a system of systems and each one affects the other. So, our WHOLE Health process examines the physical, mental, emotional, environmental, relational and spiritual aspects of your life to help you get back to being you.

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How Bounce Matters will help

Most health practitioners will only look at the piece of your puzzle within their area of expertise. At Bounce Matters, we look at all of your pieces that make up the puzzle of YOU. When needed, we also collaborate with our ‘brains trust’ of colleagues – specialists and functional medicine-certified doctors to collectively help those who think they can't be helped.

After an initial comprehensive WHOLE Health assessment, we start rebuilding your foundations so you can get back to living the life you want.

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“Jo is exceptional. She isn’t just highly intelligent; she’s committed to WHOLE Health. She doesn’t second-guess herself; her instructions are clear, and she’s brilliant at teaching her patients what they need to do. We love to work with her.”

— Dr Georgina Hale, Functional Medicine Doctor and Infectious Diseases Specialist, Queensland.

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