Unlike highlighting, where color is applied to small sections of hair and blended throughout, single process hair coloring means that a fresh color is applied all over to create a new base color. There are two options available in this color process – permanent and semi /demi-permanent.


Permanent single process hair coloring is sometimes called a ‘tint’ and is most commonly used for hair color changes and to cover grey hair. To achieve full coverage, the hair color penetrates the hair shaft, making it much longer-lasting than a semi or demi-permanent option. Permanent hair color grows out with your hair, creating visible roots, so touch-ups will be a necessary part of your hair color maintenance routine. Many combine this technique with some highlights or balayage for a perfect finish with the maximum wow factor.

Semi or Demi-Permanent

Are you considering a subtle change to your hair color without a major commitment or perhaps looking to color your hair for the first time? If so, a semi-permanent hair color may be just right for you. Unlike permanent hair color, this color method sits on the outside of the hair shaft rather than penetrating it and doesn’t contain any bleach or ammonia. As a result, semi or demi-permanent color is not as long-lasting, but on the plus side it gradually fades over time, so there is no regrowth. This color technique is a great way to experiment with a new shade and if you love it, you can continue to maintain your color in this manner or switch to a more permanent option for a longer-lasting change.

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