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We’re known for our approachable and collaborative style, so it's essential to work with like-minded people who share our vision: creating spaces that positively influence life and the environment. We don't take ourselves too seriously and want our clients to get as much fun and excitement out of a project as we do.

  • Renovators
  • New Builds
  • Developers
Meet Stirling & Andie

Former colleagues who share a passion for human-centric design, Stirling & Andie is led by Evan (Stirling) Gilchrist and Cassandra (Andie) Hallinan.

Stirling on Andie

“Cassie’s always been my biggest cheerleader and isn't afraid to push me toward the boundaries of design and architecture. She always thinks outside the box combining the practicality of a space with the potential enjoyment it can bring to the people who use it. She has an intuitive nature and gets to know our clients wants and needs, so she's often saying what they're thinking!”

Andie on Stirling

“Evan is a problem solver. He knows the journey from A to B is always filled with twists, turns and loopholes but his steadfast yet creative nature makes it feel like a straight line. He doesn’t look like your average architect, and that’s because he isn’t. He’s nurturing, caring and considerate and never lets his logical mind get in the way of a client’s dreams.”

What we do

With an experienced team of architects and interior designers on our side, we combine aesthetically pleasing functionality with research, experimentation and cross-disciplinary collaboration to provide a well-rounded and solid approach to the design and building experience.

  • Heritage Restoration
  • Alterations and Additions
  • Residential Rebuilds
  • Development Projects

Imagine what we
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If you have a space and need help unlocking its potential, reach out to our team and talk through what's possible.