At Sydney CBD, we have a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and lower leg problems.


Expert knowledge in sports shoe prescription

At Sydney Sports Podiatry, we have a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and lower leg problems.

Using a detailed biomechanical assessment including video gait analysis, we can more accurately diagnose your problem and its root cause.

We have expert knowledge in sports shoe prescription and where necessary, can prescribe ultra-lightweight orthotics to help try to get you back to the activity you love sooner.


First, we help you with a comprehensive assessment both of what’s required for the goals you want to achieve and of anything which might hinder you e.g. incorrect footwear.


Consultation – what to expect during your first appointment

Your Podiatrist will start by discussing with you the reason for your visit and asking questions about:

  • The location, duration and onset of pain
  • Other injuries, injury history and relevant medical/surgical history
  • Current level of exercise/ daily activity
  • Footwear (please bring exercise shoes to your appointment)
  • Your goals and any expectations from treatment.
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Our experienced Podiatrists are able to provide treatment through:

  • Custom orthotic prescription (to fit specific sport and fashion shoes)
  • Taping, padding and strapping
  • Stretching and strengthening programs
  • Massage and dry needling
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Activity specific footwear recommendations and modifications.


Where there are injuries, pain or problems, our ‘best practice’ diagnostic processes, including our superior, video based Digital Gait Assessment, quickly enable us to determine:

  • the causes of symptoms:
  • possible mitigation;
  • treatment; and
  • solutions to related issues.

“It takes an athlete to truly understand how to treat the kinds of injuries that other athletes sustain on a regular basis!”

Take the first step in living a more healthy and mobile life

What Do Our Patients Have To Say About Us?

Get it done right the first time

Whether you are a runner, walker, footballer or netballer, the foot experts at Sydney Sports Podiatry are here to help you get back to the activity you love sooner!

We do this by performing one of Australia’s most detailed Biomechanical Assessments (walking/running video-gait analysis) to find the cause of your problems. Coupled with 27 years of experience we treat the cause of your problem, not just Band-Aid the symptoms.

Frequently we are seen by patients looking for a second opinion, and nearly all of these patients have commented how detailed and effective we are compared to previous treatments they’ve had.


  • Competitive walkers & runners
  • Recreational walkers & runners
  • Trained dancers
  • Professional sportswomen & sportsmen
  • Children trying out for Club or school teams

And anyone else who needs expert care for their feet so that they can perform at their best.

Take the first step in living a more healthy and mobile life

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