At Sydney CBD, we have a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and lower leg problems.


We offer a complete foot treatment.


A comprehensive history is taken to understand your concerns or injury, your current level of activity, footwear and your goals of treatment. Some patients may not be injured but require advice to prevent injuries and/or improve their performance. Advice may include:

  • The pros and cons of different footwear
  • Shoe inserts (i.e. orthotics), which alter the mechanics in the foot and leg to offload and/or modify movement, to assist in pain reduction
  • Correct foot and leg stretching and strengthening exercises.


Where there are injuries, pain or problems, our ‘best practice’ diagnostic processes, including our superior, video based Digital Gait Assessment, quickly enable us to determine:

  • the causes of symptoms:
  • possible mitigation;
  • treatment; and
  • solutions to related issues.


Our experienced podiatrists are able to provide advice on or treatment of:

  • foot and ankle disorders, including skin and nail conditions (blisters, callous, ingrown toenails- conservative care and nail edge resection if appropriate)
  • biomechanical causes of back, hip, knee, leg, ankle and foot pain
  • flexible or semi-rigid corrective foot orthotics (to fit sports and/or fashion shoes)
  • appropriate stretching / strengthening and training programs
  • an individual’s specific requirements for running shoes, football boots and other sporting footwear